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SendSpend Empowers Financial Inclusion and Drives Sustainable Development with its Mobile Payment System.

Pressat 01 Jun 2023
London, UK - SendSpend, a leading London-based Fintech company, is making waves in the financial world by promoting financial inclusion and driving sustainable development through its innovative mobile-only alternative payment system ... that takes financial inclusion to new heights.

BRICS wants to foster partnerships, says Pandor

Independent online (SA) 01 Jun 2023
We will also explore synergies between BRICS and G20 in a multi-polar world ... “We will also explore opportunities for de-risking BRICS institutions in the current financial landscape and look to bring fairness to global financial systems toward a world with less poverty, less inequality and more focus on development,” said Pandor.

Column: Beware conflating 'de-dollarisation' with weaker dollar

Reuters 01 Jun 2023
But many have also argued over the years that the dollar's international role often constrained the Fed from conducting policy most appropriate to the domestic economy - due mainly to fear that extreme moves may shock an integrated world financial system with the economic backwash hitting America's economy anyway.

Biden administration continues Trump’s anti-Cuba policies, but solidarity movement is pushing back

People's World 01 Jun 2023
foreign assistance, exports of dual-use items, and loans from the World Bank ... Despite being a list created and maintained only by the United States, because of its enormous power over the global financial system, the designation inhibits the ability of Cuba—and the other countries listed—to trade normally with the rest of the world.

You Can Now Chat With Bitcoin Creator Via New “Talk2Satoshi” AI Bot

Crypto Economy 01 Jun 2023
... by #bitcoiners around the world ... Whether Nakamoto was a single individual or a collective effort, their groundbreaking work will continue to shape the future of money for years to come, reminding us of the transformative power of decentralized and transparent financial systems.

What is the US debt ceiling and why does it matter that lawmakers have reached ...

AOL 01 Jun 2023
Shares inched higher in London on Thursday, and the pound made gains against the dollar, after US lawmakers in the House of representatives passed a new bill on the country’s debt ceiling ... – What is the debt ceiling rule? ... The economic impacts will also be felt globally, as so much of the world economy is based on the US financial system.

Paxos Offers Brazilian & Latin American Enterprises Safe, Regulated Access to Digital Assets

Victoria Advocate 31 May 2023
Nubank, one of the world's largest digital financial services platforms, relies on Paxos to power the crypto experience for its millions of users ... Paxos is replatforming the financial system to enable assets to instantaneously move anywhere in the world, at any time, in a trustworthy way.

Jamie Dimon for president? JPMorgan boss hints at public office run ‘one day,’ warns of more rate hikes

Market Watch 31 May 2023
“I think JPMorgan does a great job of helping Americans and countries around the world, and this is my job.” ... He said the bank has for years made clear that a default won’t be good for the financial system or the U.S. economy, which the rest of the world relies on ... Is real estate a good path to financial independence?.

Roger Ver hails Ethereum as the catalyst for crypto Adoption

Cryptopolitan 31 May 2023
Ethereum’s role in financial stability ... The timing of Ethereum’s entrance as the first utterly impartial justice in the world’s financial system could not be better ... The financial system urgently needs to uphold trustworthy driving laws in a multipolar globe.

Investors looking for reliable assets like Ripple or Avorak AI amid Hotbit closure

NULLTX 31 May 2023
This decentralized payment protocol allows banks and other financial institutions to transfer funds around the world quickly and efficiently ... Avorak ensured its systems’ stability, security, and transparency through two audits by CyberScope and SolidProof.

Unleashing the Power of DeFi with

Zerocrypted 30 May 2023
Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, has emerged as a groundbreaking force in the world of finance. It has revolutionized traditional financial systems by offering open, permissionless, and transparent alternatives to conventional banking and investing ... So, dive into the world of DeFi and experience the power of! Support Zerocrypted.

Call It “Decoupling” or “De-risking”, US Economic War Against China Doomed to Backfire

GlobalResearch 30 May 2023
While China appears to have turned geoeconomics into the very center of its geostrategic approaches (deriving political power from economic power), the US in turn has been weaponizing economic policies and the very world economy and financial system itself. In today’s world, it is increasingly hard to insulate industries from geopolitical disputes.

Letters to the Editor, May 30, 2023

Toronto Sun 30 May 2023
... Hold on ... That’s why it is so crucial to build a secure system helping people to get out of poverty, as anyone can fall into poverty at any time ... They can easily impact our current financial status ... Therefore, the world, or more specifically, our Canada, should try harder to implement a stronger system to further rescue those in need of financial aid.
Edit’s Rahul Singh on how real-time award in Web3.0 gaming may boost the industry

Financial Express 30 May 2023
The global blockchain in gaming market size is expected to reach $301.53 billion by 2030, as per insights from ResearchAndMarkets, a research platform. Follow Us ... (Edited excerpts) ... Absolutely, real-world rewards can be both a passive and active source of income ... Can this reward-exchange in the gaming world threaten the real-world financial system? ... .

How Much Will Bitcoin Be Worth in 2030? A Glimpse Into BTC’s Future

Cryptopolitan 30 May 2023
“Bitcoin delivers a long-overdue reality check to the traditional financial system,” Kadan Stadelmann, CTO of Komodo Platform, said. “As the world teeters on the brink of yet another financial meltdown, Bitcoin offers a glimmer of hope.” ... As a domino effect, the recent financial crisis in the U.S.

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